Protesters demonstrate against continued contamination of Lake Chapala basin


A demonstration was held outside the Jalisco house by the collective justice for the people, integral sanitation of the Río Santiago AC, organizations and affected peoples

The reason for this manifestation is due to the serious environmental contamination in the Chapala Basin, Santiago, and the Guadalajara metropolitan area, since there are 3,800 sick people around the lagoon and 825 deaths.

There are three agreements that are requesting the government to attend immediately to this emergency

That each industry or each trace must reuse its water, so there should be no discharges, because rivers are for children to swim first, not discharges, second agreement, healthy drinking water in every place in Jalisco, because we are getting sick, in 90 municipalities in Jalisco water is bad in Jalisco. 

That agreement is drinking and healthy water in each neighborhood in each town of Jalisco and the third agreement is, detection of the sick due to contamination and attention to all the diseases caused by contamination, because the government itself has been guilty of this contamination for not applying the law

He pointed out that in all parts of Jalisco the water has a lot of Arsenic, why the aquifers are contaminating by the Santiago River itself, the Lerma River and the Chapala Lake, the same heavy metals that the lake has had contaminates water of the towns because the aquifers are connected they have the same body of water.


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