Reasons Why Mexican Students Often Suffer From Back Pain


Back pain is a serious problem for the younger generation, particularly students. It is normal for adolescents to push themselves to the limit to try and achieve their passions. But, when they start complaining of muscular strain, overuse, or back injury, that’s when parents start to worry.

The question is, what could be the cause of such pediatric back pain? Could it be the effort children put into writing their essays? Particularly when they bend over and keep their back in a bad position the whole time.

If that’s the case, it makes sense to look for an essay writer free. It can help lift the weight off their shoulders and help students focus on their studies. Or maybe it’s something else, like backpacks, for example. Heavy backpacks cause back pain. But, how big of a problem are they really?

Here, we will answer all your questions for you. We compiled a detailed analysis of all the research on students and back pain you should know about.

Main Contributors for Back Pain in Students

Pediatric back pain is not something to be taken lightly. Based on an epidemiological survey of almost 500 high-school students, back pain had a prevalence rate of 75.2%. That’s almost all the students interviewed.

For them, the spine was one of the most affected regions. This type of pain was such a serious issue that 60.5% of the students affected claimed they experienced severe to moderate pain. While for 21.2%, the pain started interfering with their daily routine.

I was a student too back in the day, and I know the struggle. I had to write a lot of papers and assignments, which took a toll on my back. I often asked someone to write my essay for me, just to reduce the load. If you are packed with essay work, a free writer can come in handy. I used to ask a professional to write me an essay for college when I got stuck on difficult assignments. Maybe you too, can find that useful. With that out of the way, here are the two most impactful contributors to pain in the back.

1.   Backpacks

Based on clinical reports published by the National Institutes of Health, backpacks are a real problem. In fact, heavy backpacks cause back pain and are known for impacting students in the long run. The problem lies in the materials they carry.

Exactly 61.4% of students carry backpacks to school that exceeds way over 10% of their normal body weight. In 18.1% of cases, students carry backpacks that are 15% heavier than their actual body weight. It’s no wonder why 25.9% of students are experiencing continuous back pain that lasts over 15 days. These backpack statistics are indeed terrifying.

·         How to Solve the Problem?

Try to reduce the backpack weight as much as possible. The ideal approach is to try and carry only the necessary school supplies. Have in mind that some books can be left in the lockers and be carried later on. Even if you have to take more trips to the lockers, you will give your back enough time to rest and recuperate.

Tip: Distribute the weight of the bag evenly across the shoulders. Don’t sling it over one shoulder. That way, the excess weight won’t throw the body off balance and force you to lean to the side. It’s an effective method for avoiding back injuries. Also, eating figs can help.

2.   Improper Spine Disposition

Over 38.3% of young students between the ages of 7 and 11 have a bad posture. This makes pediatric back pain a highly prevalent issue. Their spine is curved unhealthily because they write their essays and papers slumped in their chairs.

The fact is, the school chairs are not designed to benefit the natural curvature of the spine. Instead, they are rough and rigid, difficult to sit on comfortably. But, the longer the spine remains curved, the more it stretches the soft tissues and muscles, leading to massive discomfort and pain.

As a result, the nerves suffer from inflammation, which makes sitting and standing more difficult. As you can see, the backpack statistics are not the only ones that point out the causes of back pain. Bad posture can have the exact same impact.

I had problems too with my back when writing essays and school projects. So, I had to ask for someone else to write my essay from time to time. Relying on an experienced writer to do the work for me saved me some time and a lot of effort.

·         How to Solve the Problem?

Practice proper, sitting at home. Learn to create a habit that will readjust the sitting positions. This will help students avoid hunching over their books and hurt the spine. You can use a posture trainer, which is a wearable device that teaches the user to sit straight. It will take some getting used to, but it might do the trick.

Tip: Changing the footwear can go a long way. When the body can’t distribute the weight evenly, it can put a lot of pressure on the spine.

That’s where changing the footwear can come in handy. Try anything that will promote a good posture. Also, don’t forget to do some stretching from time to time. When paired with the proper footwear, stretching can be immensely helpful.


Many students, particularly the younger generation, often complain of debilitating back pain. The discomfort holds them down. But, even though this problem is super common, it doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented or managed. The primary step is figuring out the source of the pain. Then, you can start to work your way through it and get the relief you are looking for. All the options we listed here can help you achieve exactly that. 

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