“It must be acknowledged that there are many more recovered than those killed by COVID in Sinaloa”


Even with the traffic light orange, the governor is confident that covid cases will not go off

CULIACÁN SINALOA.- Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel indicated that, even with the change to an orange light, it will be natural for covid infections to occur in Sinaloa, as this will not end until there is a vaccine to counteract the virus, so he insisted citizens to take good care of themselves and not relax so that cases do not skyrocket. In addition, he pointed out that it is also necessary to recognize the large number of people who have recovered, which is 86 percent of the cases that have tested positive, since it only speaks of those who have lost their lives.

Questioned about the annoyance of the Teacapán hoteliers, in Escuinapa, because the beaches are still closed in the face of the health contingency, Ordaz Coppel indicated that thought should be given to opening that area to visitors with great responsibility and all the measures that the Health agencies have marked for this, indicating that if they are already open in Mazatlán, which is the area with the most tourism, all the more reason for that destination in southern Sinaloa.

“The best strategy is for you to take care of yourself, for her to take care of herself, for all of us to take care of ourselves, because that is precisely what is going to prevent further contagion. I am very confident in the Sinaloa, who increasingly takes greater participation, awareness, and responsibility of what it implies for people who have vulnerabilities, because someone they love comes to them, with some irresponsibility of him or her, that puts their life at risk “, said.

The governor argued his position regarding the opening of the beaches, indicating that being on the coast does well, with clean air, although with the population acting with all the commitment, confirming that neither essential shops nor this type will be closed again. of spaces, saying that he trusts the responsibility and conscience of the people, in addition to the fact that at the moment it is very important to support the economy, which is going through a severe crisis due to the pandemic.

Source: adnportal.mx, covid.sinaloa.gob.mx

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