San Miguel de Allende will be reforested with 60 thousand trees


Mezquites, Cactaceae, Ocotillo, Bricho and Huizache some of the species


By 2020, the Environment and Sustainability Directorate will reforest San Miguel de Allende with 60,000 endemic trees and plants, the objective is to reverse climate change. Each plantation is maintained to ensure its growth.

This was reported by the director of Environment and Sustainability, Francisco Peyret, within the framework of the “Mexican Tree Day”. So far this year, they have reforested 43,000 trees through the ‘Plant a Tree’ Program.

We reforest with endemic plants and species of the entity; the soil is suitable to give life to 30 types of species, stand out: Mezquites, Cactaceae, Ocotillo, Bricho, Huizache, Acebuche, Tepehuaje, Magueyes etc., which, by the type of soil in the municipality, its growth is assured “, Francisco Peyret reported.

Plants and trees are monitored to monitor their growth. Also, so far this year they cleaned up 200 mequites, which presented “pastle” and “mistletoe” and managed to save them. In short, they carry out two prunings a year to maintain the size and health of the species.

The Environment and Sustainability Directorate implemented this program in the communities of Doña Juana, Agustín González, Puerto de Nieto, and Sosnabar. Rancho Juan León, and the company Avalon Fresh are also part of the reforestation. Together with the Social Welfare and Development Department, they planted 6,500 tree units.

The goal is to plant more than 100,000 trees by the end of 2020; the direct benefit will be to influence climate change. This is a joint work of companies, associations, and communities. “Men and women committed to sustainability”. Examples of this are the associations: Conservation Corps of Guanajuato AC, Galla Association AC, Let’s Save the River Laja AC, Organic Way, and International Regeneration.

Community Quantity

Doña Juana 3,800

Agustín González 2,600

Port of Nieto 2,700

Rancho Vía Orgánica 4,000

Healthy and Green 8,000

Rancho Juan León 6,000

Avalon Fresh 7,000

Welfare and Social Development and SDAYR 3,000

Sosnabar 7,000

Delivered by the Environment Directorate 3,500

TOTAL 47,600


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