Three Bimbo truck set on fire and facilities attacked in Tamaulipas


Three burned trucks and an attack on Grupo Bimbo’s facilities by organized crime by a group of gunmen

In the state of Tamaulipas, in Ciudad Victoria, organized crime gunmen set fire to three Grupo Bimbo trucks and subsequently attacked their facilities with a strong shooting after the company refused to pay alleged extortion.

“Los X”, the criminal group after the Bimbo fires in Tamaulipas

This group has been operating in the Tamaulipas capital for about a year, mainly recruiting youth for drug trafficking.

Cd. Victoria, Tam.- After the burning of the trucks of the Bimbo company in the Capital of Tamaulipas, a new criminal organization was discovered that they call themselves “Los X”, mainly linked to drug dealing and corruption of minors

The investigations of the agents of the State Attorney General’s Office led to the clarification of the facts and the arrest of Jesús Ricardo “T” and Héctor Ivan “L” who said they belonged to “Los X”, participants in the drug trade, corruption of minors and extortion of businesses and professionals

According to intelligence reports, they point out that this group has been
operating in the Tamaulipas capital for about a year, and that its modus operandi is the recruitment of young people, mainly minors, for which reason investigations are continuing to locate their members and proceed with his arrest.

The alleged perpetrators admitted having participated in other criminal acts in Ciudad Victoria, as well as that there are other members
of the “Los X” group, who have carried out various criminal activities.

State Government condemns the facts

As for the investigations into the attacks on the Bimbo company, it was assured that there are important advances and within two days there will be results, reported Security spokesman Luis Alberto Rodríguez, who mentioned that there is a firm position on the part of the State Government for not allowing this type of crime such as extortion.

During the course of this week, three delivery trucks of the Bimbo company were burned by unknown persons, while firearms were fired outside the facilities early Thursday morning.

He insisted that the Government of Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca is committed to the fact that this type of antisocial conduct cannot be allowed in Tamaulipas, and that is why it proceeds with all the rigor of the law.

According to the progress, there are already sufficient indications for the clarification of the facts and identification of the alleged perpetrators for their arrest and presentation before a judge.

He went on to say that enormous efforts have been made so that these types of crimes are not repeated, for which there is a strong stance

Security spokesman Rodríguez Juárez has made significant progress in clarifying a series of criminal acts, but above all the capture of those responsible has been achieved, among these priority objectives in the fight against organized crime


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