Irresponsible Mazatlan beachside palapa restaurants throw waste on new Malecon


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the lack of awareness of palapa owners and the passivity of the director of MUNICIPAL PUBLIC SERVICES, we see with sadness and anger the irresponsibility of the owners of palapas called restaurants by the sea.

That in the mere style of a MARRANO “PIG”, without offending these little animals, because their nature is like that, but when a human commits this type of marranadas, it gives us dispair and anger.

What is the use of the municipal government making the effort to maintain a boardwalk worthy of our port? If people like you “PALAPA OWNERS” attack the ecology and appearance of our beautiful MAZATLAN.

A simple fine is not enough for the owners of these so-called restaurants that are rather a nest of dirty establishments and their behavior speak for themselves.

Just last Friday the bike path was finished painting and they immediately emptied their waste at top of it

We ask you to punish them with considerable fines or, failing that, SEMARNAT close these so-called pigsty restaurants down. 



The Mazatlan Post