Despite the pandemic, private investment and public works did not stop in Mazatlan


Investor interest in starting projects continues and some are about to start; As for public works, different works were carried out and a third package was carried out with 44 works for this year

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Despite the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, work continued in Mazatlan and investments have not stopped, as has the public works, municipal officials told Reacción Informativa.

Mazatlan, during the pandemic, continued to work in various segments. The president (Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres) always indicated – for example – that the public works and the beautification of the municipality continue to take place and thanks to this we have a renewed boardwalk, we have a parking lot of the boardwalk already in operation, we have almost finished the Rafael Buelna, the Golden Zone is almost finished and these are the activities of the government, both state and municipal, that continued to operate to generate a new image dynamic in Mazatlán, “said David González Torrentera, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan.

Economic development

Fortunately in Mazatlan, investment did not stop. We have been receiving or having contact via digital platforms with businessmen, with investors who are still interested in coming to Mazatlán to generate business, “said González Torrentera, specifying that two new subdivisions were recently approved in the city and specifying that the talks The representatives of the industrial projects of Grupo Tetakawi and the Mazatlan Aerospace industrial park have continued and made progress in order to start building soon. Likewise, there have been talks with the Aerospace Cluster of Nuevo León, which is also interested in being able to collaborate with the emerging Mazatlan industry.

As for the private investment attracted, he pointed out that during the first quarter of 2020, 5,459 million pesos have been landed.

Regarding massive events, such as congresses and conventions, the businessman also stressed that the Office of Congresses and Conventions continue to be consolidated and strategies are being carried out for the recovery of this tourism segment, seeking to attract new or relocate events from other destinations to Mazatlan. . In turn, he stressed that no event of this 2020 has been lost, since all of them have been rescheduled for future dates.

Closure of businesses and lost jobs

It is evident that the contingency caused layoffs of workers and business closings. However, for David González Torrentera, Mazatlan did not show devastating indicators.

During the Sana Distancia Day, he explained, 52 percent of all business units in the municipality were closed, maintaining a total of 11,269 open businesses opened in this period. As of today, 93 percent of all Mazatlan businesses have been reactivated and there are 22,008 establishments that are operating; There are still 1,670 businesses awaiting reactivation. This does not include businesses that have not opened due to the economic difficulties they face as a result of confinement and low sales.

However, the head of the Sedectur explained that during this situation, those who found a niche of opportunity and undertook a business idea were detected, although he did not specify how many were created in this period.

Regarding the loss of jobs, he explained that “the number of job losses reaches 7.6 percent of the total. There are other states and municipalities where the impact on employment was much more severe. We started the health crisis with 117 thousand 329 people registered with the IMSS (…) a total of 8 thousand 928 jobs were lost during the contingency. This is undoubtedly because it is an affectation but fortunately, there are good expectations, Mazatlán is having a very interesting revival “.

Public work

“This year, the public works did not stop for a single moment,” said Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, head of the municipality’s Public Works department.

It should be noted that there were other localities such as Culiacán in which there were affectations.

The engineer pointed out that during the Sana Distancia Day the days were reduced “in half” but he did not stop working and even mentioned that there were works that started and ended in this period, mainly street paving and educational infrastructure.

“The great works that are being done in Mazatlan, where the municipality and the state intervene, also continued their march, we realized with Rafael Buelna that the works did not stop, in the Camarón Sábalo, in the Gutiérrez Nájera. In general, the state and municipal public works did not stop, at least in Mazatlán, “he stressed.

The official stressed that there are works in progress and that others have recently been tendered. He specified that there have been around 37 works in progress during the first six months of the year, which are part of two packages of works.

He detailed that there are about 11 completed and “practically all the works started” during the period of confinement.

Likewise, Garay Velázquez, underlined that thanks to the telecommunication means in the three months of distancing, it was possible to prepare a third package of works that includes 44 projects, which has already been delivered to the presidency, adding that another 25 are already in mind projects for the future.


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