Mazatlan’s Camaron Sabalo Ave will continue to flood


Pumping system and gates needed to prevent flooding in Mazatlan

Mazatlan Flooding

The College of Architects of Mazatlan mentions that a comprehensive project and a hydrological study are necessary

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the first moderate rains of the season, it became evident that Camaron Sabalo Avenue, which is still undergoing renovation, will continue to be flooded.

Camaron Sabalo flooding

José de Jesús Reyes Machaín, president of the College of Architects of Mazatlan, reiterated that a second stage of work is necessary for this construction, in which, based on a hydrological study, solutions are implemented.

The proposal made by the school is to install gates and a pumping system.

“We were seeing that with these rains some details came out about the work that was carried out on Camarón Sábalo street.”

Sabalo Country flooding

“One of the proposals that we as a College have always given of what has to be done here, are sluice systems and a pumping system, quiver, so that the water from the lower areas is expelled into the sea; “There must always be great solutions to big problems,” he said.

However, the architect could not assure if for this work it will be necessary to “break” part of what has already been built, as this will be determined by the hydrological study.

In this regard, the Secretary of Public Works of the State, Osbaldo López Angulo, declared last March that the second stage will be necessary to mitigate these problems, although no dates or conditions have been revealed for it.

Reyes Machaín explained that the tide influenced the flooding of last Wednesday to happen.

“What has to be done there is a hydrological study to determine which are the channels and see where it would be feasible to place a station, the pumps so that they expel the water into the sea. That would already be determined by the comprehensive project. “

camaron sabalo ave

“What has to be done is a long-term project,” he said.

Mazatlan Historic Center Flooding

The president of the College of Architects highlighted that the government is already interested in mitigating these problems, proof of this is the Roosevelt Collector that promises to help mitigate this problem in the Historic Center, however, he stressed the importance of comprehensive projects that contemplate these problematic.

Mazatlan Historic Center Flooding


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