How to prepare to leave home with the new normal and enjoy Mazatlan


More and more Mazatlan is recovering strength and energy to return little by little to normality, thanks to the fact that all the citizens have done their part so that this pandemic will diminish and thus be able to return to the daily life of before.  

Malecón de Mazatlán - Hoteles, Casas y departamentos en Mazatlan

In the same way, for this to be possible, each of us must follow a new normality, regardless of the cinemas, shopping malls, various businesses and entertainment centers that open their doors to the public these days, everything will continue its course if each one of us We do our bit, preparing and taking care of ourselves both outside and inside the house. 

Here we will give you some tips for when you decide to go out or stroll in the places already allowed, but with all the health measures:

Mazatlán: un paseo por sus principales atractivos

What to do when you return home from the street:

  • Try not to touch anything.
  • Disinfect the sole of your shoes when entering the house.
  • Leave your bag, purse, keys, etc. in a box at the entrance.
  • Take a bath if you can, or if you can’t, wash all exposed areas well. (Hands, wrists, face, neck, etc.)
  • Disinfect the cell phone and glasses with soap and water or with alcohol.
  • Clean with chlorine the surfaces of what you have brought outside before storing.

What to do when leaving home:

  • Wear a mask or face mask just before leaving.
  • Try not to use public transport much.
  • If you go with your pet, try not to rub against surfaces on the outside.
  • Wear disposable tissues, use them to cover your fingers when touching surfaces.
  • Bring antibacterial gel or a pocket disinfectant.
  • If you touch or sneeze, do it with the front of the elbow, not in the hands or in the air. 
  • Wash your hands after touching any object or surface.
  • Do not touch your face until you have clean hands.
  • Stay away from people.

Everything is in order to continue enjoying our environment, and everything can be done with the greatest possible caution.

4 tips for traveling to Mazatlan after quarantine

When we talk about Mazatlán the first thing that comes to mind is the warmth, the beach, perhaps a little band music and of course delicious food, but in order to enjoy all this it is essential to have the right itinerary to not miss the Time, since being an area quite crowded by tourists, just finding hotels in Mazatlán can be a difficult task.

That is why we recommend 5 tips to make your trip to Sinaloa land one of the best experiences of your life.

Reserve your hotel

It is best to make reservations well in advance so that you do not have to have a bad time not finding a space to stay.

New Mazatlan Malecon
New Mazatlan Malecon

Plan your tour.

On more than one occasion we have encountered the problem of not knowing what we want to do first or where we are going to go, and if you go with your partner or with a group of friends, the first choice is life or death, because usually It will depend on this that the rest of the trip is amazing in the best of scenarios or, on the contrary, a resounding failure.

But there is no need to worry, as long as there is planning to know which are the most important points in the region and which are worth visiting, there does not have to be a major inconvenience. And it doesn’t have to be a precise itinerary, just having an idea of ​​what you want to do and the places to visit is more than enough.

malecon bike route
Mazatlan Bicycle Path

Save time.

The purpose of traveling is to get to know and enjoy the place we are going to the fullest, and whether we like or not being able to spend as we wish, it allows us to do so.

Despite this, Mazatlán is considered one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Mexico, since in the state of Sinaloa the largest amount of edible products is produced in Mexico, therefore, both large and small restaurants must compete on prices over demand. 

That is why it is important to start saving early so that when you arrive in this earthly paradise you can give yourself the life of a king or queen that you deserve.

Enjoy it.

It may sound crazy and even a little illogical, but many people find it difficult to enjoy their holidays. They worry so much that everything goes perfectly that they forget their main objective.

Mazatlán is a wonderful destination in which natural and architectural beauty come together, gastronomy is a true delight and the good vibes of its inhabitants make it an otherwise charming paradise, so don’t think twice and take a tour of this land dreamlike.

Mazatlan Sunsets
Mazatlan Sunsets


 ! Enjoy Mazatlán!


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