Learn about Sinaloa Pineapples harvested close to Mazatlan


Mazatlan Sinaloa; July 08, 2020.-

If it is about local consumption, there are not only Mangoes and other fruits and vegetables in southern Sinaloa, which we can buy to help local producers.

Pésimo panorama para piñeros

In El Rosario there are those who have diversified agriculture and have a unique plantation.

This fruit that grows in Veracruz on a large scale and also in Nayarit, first came to the south of the state, to be grown in farms very close to Mazatlan.


Since 2016, a neighbor has looked for other alternatives for his land due to the scarcity of water, and, due to the hot climate of the region, he found the best option in pineapple, which is drip irrigation.

On the Walamo-Caimanero highway, off the coast, ahead of Los Pozos, all you have to do is see the landscape as you travel to realize that there is a field different from the others.

And production is not temporary. It is designed in stages so its produces every day of the year so that there will always be work for employees and sales in the market.

Pineapple honey and emerald are the two varieties and have the best flavor over the others. It could be the type of terrain or climate, but the fact is that they are not excessively sweet or sticky, their consistency is soft and does not scald the mouth.

The cut is made upon request and are usually taken to the food market located north of Mazatlan.

Source: rasnoticias.mx

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