The capture of Merida Yucatan “Cannibal” caught selling victims meat


The “Cannibal de la Macro”, chronology

MERIDA, Yucatan, July 4.- Chronology of the atrocious homicide in the Leandro Valle neighborhood east of the city of Merida, where the “Caníbal de la Macro”, an extremely bloody murderer, emerged.

Last Sunday, June 28, the young Roberto Fuentes Amaro, 22, left his home for the Macro Plaza since that day nothing more was known about him. His relatives reported his loss on social networks, which went viral.

Later it emerged that he met a person his own age 22 years, who would later become his murderer, according to investigations by the police authorities.

Roberto and his attacker moved to a house in Leandro Valle, where they were drinking alcoholic beverages until late at night. The now assassin proposed to him to be intimate, to which Fuentes Amaro refused.

The crazy guy, who lived alone, because he had used drugs, insisted on the young man with unseemly proposals, and was rejected, which led him to attack the young man.

Both quarreled, but Roberto was overtaken by the “Cannibal” who knocked him unconscious and then deprived him of life. The subject began to think about what to do with the corpse, which began to skin in several parts.

The next day he began to cook part of the meat that he even ate, and the other part was offered in the neighborhood for 20 pesos per kilo. People began to suspect that something had been done.

The subject, to try to disappear the remains of the young man, threw them scattered in a vacant lot; bones in the well and others in the yard. Neighbors in the area began to smell foul smells of that place, so they notified police authorities on Wednesday.

Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, the officers arrived at the site and proceeded to enter the ground where they found several bones, due to the brush, they waited until early Thursday to carry out all the investigations, and the street was cordoned off.

The investigators and experts of the FGE when arriving at the scene of the murder began to suspect that a high-impact crime had occurred, given the strange way in which the remains were.

“There is cannibalism here, because of the way the bones are,” heard a neighbor say to the police officers who interviewed the settlers, who cooperated and pointed out that days ago a subject was offering meat, which was a great clue and trigger for capture the killer now called “The Cannibal of the Macro”.

Even in order to detect more remains in the wasteland, canine pairs of the Ministry of Public Security were used, which was very helpful.

The investigations by the State Investigative Police (PEI), SSP, and the State Attorney General’s Office were accurate, doing a good job that paid off with the apprehension of the bloody homicide.

This crime has shaken the fibers of the Yucatecans for the way in which something that had not been done for years was committed, reminding the “Cannibal de la Lázaro Cárdenas”.

Yucatan judge releases the “cannibal de la Macro” who confessed to killing and dismembered a young man

El “Caníbal de la Macroplaza” aún libre; no se presentó ante la ...

The aggressor confessed that he had proposed to be intimate with his victim, and that for refusing to do so, he attacked him until he was murdered, later he cut him up

Friends and family of the young Roberto de Jesús Fuentes Amaro demand justice from the authorities to arrest the 22-year-old student’s murderer again after a judge released him despite having confessed to the crime.

According to local media in the state of Yucatan, on June 28, Roberto left his home for a cashier at the Macroplaza Merida, however, nothing was ever heard from him.

His face and the search bulletin issued by the authorities were shared on social networks.

On July 1, authorities located the dismembered body of a person who had been thrown into a shallow well within a vacant lot, and the remains of other extremities scattered by the site.

Thanks to the investigations, two days later the arrest of a man identified as Izdael «N», 21, who was allegedly the last person to have seen Roberto alive.

Liberan al Asesino “Caníbal de la Macro” – Yucatán Informa

According to the detainee’s own statements, he and Roberto met at the Macroplaza and later moved to a house in the Leandro Valle neighborhood, where they were drinking alcoholic beverages until late at night.

The aggressor proposed that Fuentes Amaro be intimate and when he refused, he attacked him until he was assassinated.

” I cut it apart, ate it, and went out to sell part of its meat,” he recounted in a chilling testimony to the authorities.

cannibalism –
illustration Cannibalism

Neighbors from the Leandro Valle neighborhood indicated that the subject lived alone and that in recent days he had been selling several kilos of meat for 20 pesos, saying it was pork, which made them suspicious.

Not knowing what to do with the rest of the body, cut it up and left the remains in various vacant lots, leaving the bones in a well. It was the foul odors that raised the suspicions of the neighbors who called the police.

Despite the declaration of the facts, the First Control Judge of the Merida Oral Justice Center, Kenny Martins Burgos Salazar, decided to grant him immediate freedom, with slight precautionary measures such as the prohibition to leave the state and be subject to surveillance.

Now, neighbors, friends, and family regret the judge’s decision and ask to re-evaluate the case of the so-called “Cannibal de la Macro”, and arrest the alleged perpetrator.


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