Things to Do During Lockdown in Mexico City


Mexico City is all set to gradually lift restrictions that were set as measures to restrain the coronavirus. Amid surges in cases, people still need to be cautious and follow all measures such as physical distancing and donning face masks with the reopening of facilities and public places. It is essential to stay positive and tide through during such critical times. Here are some simple ways to do it.

Calm Down and Catch Some Sun

You can live a happier life when you learn to practice mindfulness. Enjoy unique online experiences on meditation or yoga from the comfort of your own home. It is always good to catch some fresh air and some sun. A quick tip – remember to avoid crowds, choose to use your own vehicle, and follow all preventive guidelines. 

Santa Fe District, Mexico City

Learn New Fun Things

Re-skilling helps to boost confidence. You can find countless things to learn in your spare time, and for a few things, you don’t need to shell out any money. You may even choose to learn cooking some popular foods. Don’t miss out on making Tacos. You would also love making Tamales, Mole, and Enchiladas.

Inculcate and Enjoy Discipline

Do you wish to go out for shopping essentials in the city? It’s best to chart out a plan. It will ensure that you don’t slack off on any compliance protocols whenever you step out. You may choose to check out the four-colour alert (green for the lowest risk, red for the highest, yellow and orange for medium risk) levels while going to shops, bars, athletic complexes, and more. You will find the entire discipline experience very fulfilling and safe-to-follow. 

Detox Yourself

water with lemon
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Who wouldn’t want a healthy mind and a lean-and-fit body? You can try an easy-to-follow detox plan. Here are some quick tips – try having warm water with lemon juice, green tea. Don’t forget to get adequate sleep.


It’s great to catch up with friends and family – yes, even virtually. Try reconnecting with your buddies; it’s just the ideal time to find out how they are coping during the pandemic. Recollecting good times and laughing together is the best remedy to calm down.


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