Los Cabos and La Paz beaches may close again


Due to the civil disobedience that has been registered in recent weeks, the Secretary of Health in the entity, Víctor George Flores , warned that the beaches of Los Cabos and La Paz could be closed again. 

Los Cabos and La Paz beaches may close: SSA

“These measures, apart from the stricter control, can also come, even later, to the closure of the beaches, because it is what we were seeing this weekend that did alarm, both here and in Los Cabos,” he reiterated. 

For now, he stressed that more vigilance will be established at the checkpoints when entering the beaches to make them more effective. In addition, an agreement is being made to make the use of facemasks on public transport mandatory. 

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“There have already been some meetings with the carriers to demand the use of face masks, as well as how it is being demanded when entering a business … so what we want in public transport is the same,” he added.

He pointed out that the conditions of the pandemic continue to worsen in Baja California Sur, it is not ruled out to return to a red light.

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“Some states have had to return to the red light, it is something that we do not want, but at a certain point in case this follows this line, to great ills, great remedies, I think we should return and affect everyone”, he pointed.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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