For making fun of a low-income girl, woman forces her nephew to sell chewing gum


The boy, along with other friends, found it easy to give the little girl a hard time

A woman in Sonora decided to punish her nephew for making fun of a low-income girl; so as punishment he was forced to also sell chewing gum

The story of a boy selling chewing gum went viral on social networks since the minor was apparently forced by his aunt to sell chewing gum on the streets because he made fun of a low-income girl.

According to netizens, the events occurred in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, after the woman discovered that her nephew and other minors made fun of the little girl for picking up cans for recycling.

The girl apparently carries out this activity to sell the cans in order to obtain money, and be able to support her family with the household expenses.

To teach her nephew a lesson, the woman bought a box of chewing gum and took the minor to the street corner with a sign hanging on his chest and back where the following message: “I am selling chewing gum because I humiliated a low-income girl “.

What did netizens think about the punishment?

The action of the woman generated many comments on social networks: some were in favor and considered that the punishment was exemplary.

Others were of the opinion that this was excessive and unnecessary; On the other hand, there were those who considered that the child might actually associate selling gum as a punishment when in actuality there is nothing wrong with selling gum.

“He understood his lesson and now every time he sees the girl he will always have to ask her for an apology and the money he made selling gum he had to hand over to her,” said the woman on her personal Facebook account.


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