Sinaloa will have its first ‘PostCovid-19’ fishing tournament


Through the Directorate of Sport Fishing, Sepesca Sinaloa reports that on July 19 the contest will take place virtually

July 19 and according to Sepesca Sinaloa, what will be the first ‘postCovid-19 ‘ shore fishing tournament will take place, that is, days after the gradual reactivation of sport fishing in the state.

The agency, dependent on the State Government, revealed the good news through its director of sport fishing, Juan Manuel Moreno Padilla from Culiacan, who briefly released some details to heat rods and carts among the community.

Virtual tournament species

Through WhatsApp groups of which he is an active member, Moreno Padilla posted: ‘July 19 next seashore tournament, more information in a few more days. Save the date. ‘

The manager and fisherman announced that ‘in the coming days’ he will share the call and regulations, although he clarified:’ We are not yet in a position to bring people together in one place. The idea is to return to this activity that we are passionate about with good competition at the state level. ‘

Iván Castro, president of the Escolleras Isla de los Chivos group. Photo: Archive

There is no fixed headquarters, actually, the headquarters is the entire state. I will send the call well. Due to the pandemic, it is not convenient to gather the entire race in one place, Altata, or Mazatlan or El Maviri (Topolobampo), anywhere. For example, it is a virtual tournament where everyone goes fishing and, that same day, they have to send their video with a password that will be given to them to confirm that the catch is from that day. Everyone fishes wherever they want and it is at the state level

In Sinaloa, the last seashore fishing tournament formally held this year was between March 7 and 8 in Mazatlan under the organization of Club PescaDOS and based in Escopama beach, near Océanica.

Since then, no other fishing contest has been held in Sinaloa due to the health contingency that caused the restriction of practically all activities and the official confinement of # QuédateEncasa.

And, Sepesca Sinaloa’s announcement of the next tournament, occurs a few days after the same state agency publicly presented what it called the Reactivation Protocol for Sport Fishing in Sinaloa and that it will send to each of the Puerto de Capitanías Mazatlan, Topolobampo, and Altata.

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