Confirmed: Mazatlan hotels and beaches will reopen on July 1


 JUNE 26, 2020

They establish strict international protocols for the safety of visitors and their citizens

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After 90 days of training, the application of new protocols, modification of facilities, the establishment of security measures and strict international certification, the hotels, and their beaches are ready to open on July 1.

The director of marketing of the Mazatlán Hotels and Tourism Companies Association, José Gámez Valle, confirmed that the lodging centers will reopen next Wednesday with reservation levels of 34% for the first weekend.

We are ready and last week the reservation levels for the destination ranged between 30 and 34%, this is mostly from people who were already before but with this news we will have more reservations

 José Gámez Valle

Gámez Valle pointed out that all the tourist services of the destination that are part of the Chain Responsible for Tourism will participate in the new normal, including the Airport, tourist transport, hotels, restaurants, and tours, among others.

Mazatlán da la bienvenida a sus turistas a partir de este 01 de julio(Foto: Sergio Pérez/EL DEBATE)

He stressed that Mazatlán has made a strategic alliance with Preverisk, a prestigious international certifying company that has audited the protocols that have been determined for the new normality for tourist service providers and the destination, considering the scientific studies and research published through the Organization. World of Tourism, the Ministry of Health of Mexico and others.

For his part, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros, stressed that Mazatlan is ready to deliver smiles and traditional Mazatlan hospitality to visitors.

The tourists are going to find some adjustments in the tourist operation of the destination; however, the beaches, attractions, gastronomy, warmth, and beauty of Mazatlán remain the same

José Gámez Valle

The highest priority of our destination will continue to be to offer
unique vacation experiences , as well as security to our citizens, collaborators and
visitors. Mazatlán has been designated on multiple occasions as one of the
main retirement options for people from all over the world, mainly
due to its excellent medical and hospital infrastructure.

About Mazatlán
Renowned for its world-class beaches, golf, gastronomy, and cultural offerings,
Mazatlán is a vacation destination for all ages, located in the
Mexican Pacific Ocean, at the entrance to the Sea of ​​Cortez, considered the
largest natural aquarium of the world. It is distinguished by its Historic Center, the 7 km Malecon, its
20 km of golden beaches, as well as its typical towns located in the surroundings such
as El Quelite, Copala, Concordia, La Noria and El Rosario, among others.
Be sure to visit the Angela Peralta Theater, very close to the Plazuela Machado, and enjoy
delicious regional and sea food. Come to Mazatlán.

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