Sinaloa Governor delivers 200 new taxis to concessionaires


The State Government supported concessionaires with 10 million pesos for down payments on the units

As well as supporting urban transport concessionaires for the renovation of 400 new buses, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel formally delivered 200 new taxis for five organizations of urban transport of Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamúchil, and Mazatlán, to whom they were also supported with the downpayment of the units, with a state investment of 10 million pesos.

Accompanied by his wife, Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz; By the Secretary-General of the Government, Gonzalo Gómez Flores, and as representative of the transport concessionaires, the leader Miguel Luna Ley, the state governor recalled that his administration has been renewing the fleet of urban buses, and now it was the turn to rental car dealers, better known as taxis, who had also requested this support to renovate older units.

“The taxi drivers had also asked us to include them, to support them with the coupling because there are many cars, units that were deteriorated, that had been completed and even older, so we did not take long to do so,” he said.

The acquisition of these 200 vehicles represented an investment of 48 million pesos, of which the State Government contributed as a down payment 10 million pesos, that is, about 20 percent and that represents the support of 50 thousand pesos per unit, and the remaining 38 million pesos will be financed to the carriers themselves through commercial banks.

For her part, Mrs. Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz said that citizens will have the opportunity to have decent taxis, friendly to ecology and the environment, and with a better quality of service, thanks to training for this new normal that we are living where drivers are training to provide service to citizens.

In turn, the director of Roads and Transportation, Feliciano Valle Sandoval, said that this delivery is the first stage of the renewal of taxis for the state of Sinaloa, with a package of 200 new taxis that will provide the service to the people of Sinaloa.

“As the Governor said, it is a total investment of 38 million pesos, with direct support from the State Government to carriers for 10 million pesos. This speaks to the fact that each taxi has a support of 50 thousand pesos, ”explained the state official.

Valle Sandoval added that the distribution will be 50 taxis for the city of Los Mochis, 15 taxis for Guasave, 15 for Guamúchil, 60 taxis for the “red taxis” from Mazatlán and 60 in the case of the “green taxis” also from Mazatlan. “We are working as the governor has asked us with the next stage that is approaching in a few weeks. We will have to go strong with capital in the case of the red taxis from Culiacán, ”he said.

“I want to make a special recognition to all the leaders who have been part of this project and who undoubtedly the beneficiary is the user when having a new car. An air-conditioned car that has all the safety specifications and that throughout all of this you will also have to enter with the Puro Sinaloa digital security system, where security cameras, GPS will have to be installed, ”he concluded.

Also, the secretary of Sustainable Development, Carlos Gandarilla García, commented that without a doubt today more than ever the people of Sinaloa need more and better alternatives to move. “Here is the example of having a much more efficient transport service, much more friendly to the environment and above all safer. This is the commitment that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel has with the Sinaloans, precisely by bringing alternatives and that they are more and better to be able to move. “

Distribution of the 200 taxis:

· 50 to the Union of Workers of the North Sinaloa Flyer (Los Mochis)

· 15 to the Steering Wheel Workers’ Delegation Fernando Amilpa of the Municipality of Guasave

· 15 to the Delegation of Workers of the Steering Wheel of the Municipality of Salvador Alvarado

· 60 to the Union of Automobile Owners of the Central and Olas Altas Sites of Mazatlán (Red Taxis)

· 60 a Single Union of Workers of the Steering Wheel of the Municipality of Mazatlán (Green Taxis).


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