Mazatlan hospital workers block ave in protest (video)


MAZATLAN SINALOA.- About 200 workers from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, demonstrated in the General Hospital of Zone 3 of the IMSS, the “New Insurance”, to demand better working conditions in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and for the authorities to maintain the quarantine among citizens, as they indicate too many infections and the not enough medical trained personnel

They narrated that a colleague of theirs, Lupita Montes de Oca, died on Thursday because of Covid, “a very hard-working nurse, loved by all, and we do not want this to continue to happen to us, we are afraid to continue working without the materials they should if it is for a health worker, that is why we are here because we do not want more co-workers fallen by this virus, ”they told reporters.

Another co-worker also died Thursday from Covid.

Hospital workers blocked the Ejercito Mexicano avenue, showing the banners with their complaints and demands.

Some nurses burst into tears when recounting the sufferings they have personally, being so exposed to illness and death (colleagues have passed away), and must continue working

There are workers who have Covid-19 and are order to work. His companions have already died

In addition, they point out that they are given materials, such as facemask and other supplies, that do not meet the necessary specifications for this disease, in addition to that sick companions do not receive the necessary sick leave, as in other hospitals.

The workers of the IMSS make a strong call to the citizens to continue staying at home, to go out as little as possible, so that the infections stop since there are so many sick people that the health services are saturated.

They regretted that, despite the donations of materials that have been made to them, these are not enough, but in fact, the Federal Government has the obligation to provide them with the necessary material.

They considered that it is a mistake that the Government wants to open productive sectors, such as hotels and other businesses, due to the current high risk of contagion.


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