VIDEO: Huge crocodile appears on a beach in Playa del Carmen


June 17, 2020

A huge crocodile appeared on a beach enjoying the sea of Playa del Carmen, scaring everyone, leaving this fact on video.

Imagine being on a beautiful beach in Playa del Carmen enjoying the sun and the sand, when suddenly you see that something is moving the sea, you could imagine that it is sargassum or anything else, but in reality, it is a huge crocodile that It is reaching the shore allowing it to be carried by the waves, which makes you run, but also taking out your cell phone to make a video is this unusual situation.

This is how this two-minute, four-second recording shows how the huge crocodile reaches the shore of the sandbank, letting itself be carried away by the waves until it sets its feet on the sand where it stays without making a single movement, only basking in the sun.

Crocodile appears in the sea of ​​Playa del Carmen

As the recording progresses, it can be seen how the reptile is really enjoying the very relaxing moment, when suddenly when being rammed by the waves of the sea in Playa del Carmen, it decides to open its huge snout, revealing the sharp teeth, which could destroy anything.

The person in charge of making the video lets us see how this well-known wild predator does nothing more than enjoying himself on the beach free of humans, letting himself be lulled by the sea, but yes, his muzzle keeps it open, showing itself imposing before an attack.

Before concluding this filming, the crocodile decides that it is time to withdraw from the beach, allowing the waves to help him and then he only turns around to float away.

It is very rare to see a crocodile in the sea, most of the time they can be seen in lagoons or places with shallower water.

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Videos of crocodiles that appear in various tourist spots in Quintana Roo have become viral, since each of them is different due to the proximity of the reptile, as in this case where it made those who made this recording terrify.

This is how they captured a crocodile in Cozumel on a beach to relocate it

June 03, 2020

Crocodile appears on a Cozumel beach and is captured to be relocated

VIDEO: This is how they captured a crocodile in Cozumel on a beach to relocate it

Sometimes animals are overtaken by tourism and people, this leads them to move to different places and end for example in places like public beaches, this happens in Cozumel where they identified a crocodile and the security team had to go to rescue him and put him in a place where he is safe.

The crocodile was a relatively young specimen, so the people in charge of its care were able to maneuver in an effective way, this because it was practically a baby crocodile, all this was recorded and before the eyes of tourists who were in the place, It ended well.

VIDEO: This is how they captured a crocodile in Cozumel on a beach to relocate it
VIDEO: This is how they captured a crocodile in Cozumel on a beach to relocate it

Cozumel is the largest inhabited island in the country and is located in the northern area of ​​the state of Quintana Roo, its geography contains many lagoons where crocodiles live, however being relatively surrounded by the sea, sometimes these creatures get lost and end up in the beaches where people generally do activities.

Crocodile caught in Cozumel

In the video, it is heard that in the place there is a little girl who asks questions about what they are doing to the crocodile, so the parents tell her that they have to change their place, this due to the handling they were given Because the animal in question put up resistance, however, the maneuver was very fast and apparently everything ended well.

Quintana Roo is a state conducive to the life of crocodiles, throughout its geography we find them in different lagoons that are distributed throughout the state, from Holbox to Chetumal passing through Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the coastal area from Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Cozumel.


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