Puerto Vallarta beachgoers ignore social distancing


As part of the return to the ‘new normal’ in Jalsico, and a condition of beaches reopening, was the enforcement of healthy distancing.

The responsibility of guaranteeing healthy distances on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta fell on hotel and restaurant owners with beach concessions, and the local police would enforce healthy distancing on public beaches. Both entities failed this weekend.

The State of Jalisco and the City of Puerto Vallarta continue to be in the ‘red’ warning issued by the Federal Government for the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t seem to discourage weekend beach-goers over the Father’s Day weekend as people packed the beaches and flaunted regulations for face masks and social distancing.

While some beaches in the area that are mostly frequented by locals fared better with social distancing, more popular beaches like Los Muertos focused less on social distancing while enjoying the beach.

Playa de los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta

Nayarit opted against opening their beaches due to the risk it posed to the health of the population.

Despite the government’s recommendation that Father’s Day be celebrated at home, restaurants and bars in Zona Romantica saw an uptick in customers this weekend.

Restaurants are required to arrange more space between tables, digital menus on tablets, taking the temperature of diners, and not allowing tables of more than six diners.

COVID-19 cases according to the Federal Government in Jalsico is as followed:

Guadalajara is the municipality with the most accumulated cases with 1,625, Zapopan has 807, Puerto Vallarta 435, Tlaquepaque 414, Tlajomulco 293, Tonalá 288, El Salto 115, Zapotlán el Grande 112, San Juan de los Lagos 102, Ocotlán 86, La Barca 54, Tepatitlán 51, Autlán 41 and Zacoalco de Torres 40.

covid-19 Jalisco.

It should be mentioned that the Federal Government only reports cases detected in the public healthcare system. COVID-19 cases diagnosed in private hospitals and laboratories are not reported. The real number of documented cases in Jalisco is 8,665, adding 3,743 more cases than the Federal Government. The City of Puerto Vallarta reports 645 cases of COVID-19, adding 216 more cases than the Federal Government is reporting.

Source: vallartadaily.com

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