Sinaloa dams at optimal levels of recovery in the current rainy season


They are at 42.8%, the best level in the last 25 years: Ramón López

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The 11 dams in Sinaloa are located at 42.8% overall of their conservation level, with a total volume of 6,769 million cubic meters, and 14% more water accumulated in relation to the last 25 years, Ramón López Flores, technical director of the Conagua Pacifico Norte, stated.

With the above, as the rains in the upper part of the basins become general, they will be at optimal levels of recovery, since the models for this season by the National Meteorological Service expect precipitation above the average.

“And the Mocorito, Culiacán, San Lorenzo and Elota dam system, we have 2,382 million cubic meters and 34% of use.”

The dams located on the El Fuerte river are the ones with the best level of conservation in the state, the rest are above 30% of their level of conservation, with the exception of Eustaquio Buelna with 13%, El Sabinal at 22.4% , and Vinoramas at 26.1%.

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The federal official said that the distribution of water for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 agricultural cycle is 84% ​​of the volumes committed in the seven irrigation districts in the entity.


“At all times the volumes for agricultural irrigation have been guaranteed, and we can conclude this topic, saying that this year it becomes a very good condition from the hydrological point of view, and even so this condition will improve as it already the rainy season is established ”.


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