What Puerto Peñasco “Rocky Point” requires to reopen to tourist


One of the most beautiful destinations in the state of Sonora is said to be prepared to receive visitors

PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora – Tourist activities in this region, considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the state due to the contrasts it brings together, is more than ready to reactivate its dynamism, although with some conditions to avoid health risks.

Members of the Municipal Health and Safety Council unanimously approved Phase 3 of the “Peñasco se activa” plan from June 16.

From that date, tourist developments, condominiums, and villas will open to 70% of their capacity, while hotels and motels will open to 40% and houses for rent at 100%.

Mayor Kiko Munro acknowledged that meeting the goals set in phases I and II, in addition to keeping the rate of COVID-19 contagion to a minimum, now allows the gradual opening of so-called non-essential activities.

But the reopening to tourism must go through a series of requirements since visitors must verify that they have reservations in already authorized sites and family tourism, that is, rental of accommodation in private homes, will not be allowed.

According to the authorities, in private houses, there is no guarantee that a possible contagion will be controlled or that healthy distance measures will be observed, for example: “It will be compulsory to present official identification, present a reservation document in a hotel, condominium, rental houses and/or the like. In addition, they will have to go through mandatory safety and health protocols such as thermal cameras, sanitizing tunnel, vehicle sanitization, and the established measures, “the mayor listed.

Authorities of the municipality of Nogales, Sonora, are implementing a new security device to try to combat COVID-19 and are located just after passing the border ports. The opening of swimming pools installed in tourist developments and hotels was also approved, but not such as those for commercial use, closed or private residence. The authorities authorized the beachfront in a defined federal concession area, which will be guarded by guards, although bathing in the different beaches of the city will not be allowed to avoid crowds.

Source: dossierpolitico.com, .telemundoutah.com

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