State by state; these are the most BEAUTIFUL places in Mexico


Mexico is one of the main travel destinations in the world and you need to visit some of the most beautiful places in each state

Ría Celestún, un paraíso rosa y rinconcito de Yucatán | El Souvenir
Celestun Yucatan

In the world, Mexico is famous for its history and the beauty of its landscapes. International tourism has in the list of its first options the country, which offers from paradisiacal beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, surprising deserts, colonial cities, to some of the most cosmopolitan.

We are going to leave a wide list with a destination by state so that you can realize the beauty that, sometimes, you are missing.


The historical center of this state is profoundly beautiful. They portray a colonial city and from the Plaza de Armas to the Cathedral, you can see New Spanish art everywhere.

Baja California

La Bufadora is a geyser considered among the largest in the world. The collision of two wave currents with a cave under the sea generates this spectacle that reaches up to 20 meters in height.

All framed by the beaches of Ensenada and Isla Todos Santos.

Baja California Sur

Balandra beach is a delight to the eyes, it is located a few kilometers from La Paz, it has very calm and turquoise waters surrounded by hills of reddish rocks, it is a small town with little activity.

Balandra Beach , Baja California Sur


Edzná is one of the oldest Mayan cities still standing. It is called the Casa de Los Itzaes and it served as a religious center, in its architecture important technological advances of this culture are noted.

Mayan city of Edzná in Campeche. Photo: Dark Quarter


Sima de las Cotorras is a land subsidence with an approximate depth of 140 meters that serves as home to hundreds of parrots that fly every morning from the center; an impressive sight.


Copper Canyon, it is a system of seven canyons embedded in the Sierra Tarahumara. They are popularly known for being crossed by the Chihuahua to the Pacific train route, known as “ Chepe ”.   

Mexico City

Despite being the congested capital of the country, known as the City of Palaces, it has jewels that make it unmatched, without a doubt a tour of the Historic Center is essential, from the Zócalo plate, the Metropolitan Cathedral, The Templo Mayor, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Alameda Central, the Post Office Palace, the National Palace, in every corner of this painting will have something to offer.

Mexico City. Photo: Dark Quarter


One of the most special places in this state is the Dunes of Yeso, this place that looks like something out of a movie with the best special effects is in the magical town of Cuatro Cienegas.


El Nevado de Colima is a huge park located in the northern part of the state on its borders with Jalisco. It is full of pines, oaks, oyameles, and is dotted with deep ravines, gorges, and lagoons. In fact, it has been compared to the Matterhorn in the Alps.

Nevado de Colima. Photo: Sergio Tapiro


Nombre de Dios, as it is called, a small and ancient town is made up of numerous churches to visit, such as the ruins of the Ex Convent of San Francisco, the Church of Amado Nervo or the Parish of San Pedro Apóstol, in addition to natural beauties.

Mexico state

The Otomí Ceremonial Center is located in the municipality of Temoaya, it is located within the Xempoala La Bufa Ecological, Tourist and Recreational Park Protected Natural Area called “ Otomí Mexica Park ”.


Dolores Hidalgo is called the Cradle of the Independence of Mexico. Highlighted by the Parish of Our Lady of Sorrows was the place where Miguel Hidalgo rang the bells to call the people to the rebellion.


This state is distinguished by its beaches, but there is also a place called Pozas Azules de Atzala , we are going to leave images for you to fall in love with.

Photo: Blue Pools of Atzala


Tolantongo is a canyon, in the state of Hidalgo, it has ravines up to 500 meters high. It is best known for the set of caves and grottos.

Photo: Tolantongo Grottoes


Puerto Vallarta is a coveted destination for everyone, for its beaches enrapture at a glance.


The state capital is Morelia and it enjoys a colonial beauty, in addition to being the mecca of cinematographic art in Mexico.


Tepoztlán, Morelos is one of the favorite places for tourists, both national and foreign, there you can enjoy nature in Cerro del Tepozteco, delicious food and beautiful crafts.


Punta Mita has become one of the fashion and favorite destinations, here is an image to speak for itself.

Nuevo Leon

La Huasteca is an ecological park located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. It is located next to the bed of the Santa Catarina River, between the Cerro de Chipinque and the Cerro de Santa Catarina and the landscape makes you fall in love.


Mitla in Oaxaca, is a site full of spirituality, the archaeological zone is impressive and that land has been inhabited by the Zapotec culture for centuries.

Mitla Oaxaca. Photo: Dark Quarter


The fact of knowing that there is a place where there are as many churches as there are days in a year, draws the attention of both locals and strangers, that place is Cholula.


La Peña de Bernal is the third largest monolith in the world, and it is in Mexico, exactly in the town of Bernal that belongs to the municipality of Ezequiel Montes in the state of Querétaro.

Quintana Roo

The lagoon of the seven colors in Bacalar, shows the beautiful postcards of Mexico in the world, in its waters you can see reflected a range of blues that conquer.

San Luis Potosi

In the middle of the tropical forest is the Las Pozas garden, created by the English artist Edward James, this in Xilitla .


Cosalá is a picturesque magical town in this northern state, which comes out a bit of the stereotype of the area and leads to a better understanding of Sinaloa.


Between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sea of ​​Cortés is a beautiful place in the south of Sonora called Valle de Yaqui.


Centla is the largest wetland area in North America, it is a biosphere reserve and it is in Tabasco.


Heaven is in this state of Mexico, that’s right, the El Cielo biofera reserve is here and gives away huge postcards.

El Cielo Biosphere Reserve


Huamantla is a magical town that is distinguished by its activity in ecotourism, its gastronomy and a very particular party.


Veracruz is synonymous with history, it was the gateway to the Spanish ” to the new world ” and the city that has repeatedly defended the homeland. It has an important high-altitude port, rich gastronomy and culture, visiting the Historic Center is something you must do.


This place and its magnificent photographs draw the attention of the tourism that sets its eyes on Yucatan.


Very close to the capital with neoclassical tambora buildings and lots of party, this is Jerez, Zacatecas , if you want good leather goods, this is the place.


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