What Cars Are Eligible For Uber in Mexico?


Many people in Mexico have turned to UBER lately as an extra source of income during these difficult times.

If you are thinking to do so, your initial step would check if your vehicle meets Uber’s base prerequisites. Uber has made rules for what kinds of vehicles are qualified inside each Uber administration and we have recorded these rules and the acknowledged makes and models beneath. For more data on turning into a Uber driver and the means you should finish visit this assistance article.

Initially, for all Uber administrations there is a standard arrangement of minimum vehicle prerequisites, recorded beneath.

Least Requirements for all uber car requirements

•Model year 2006 or more up to date except if in any case expressed (NOTE: Some vehicle models have a higher least year prerequisite)

•4-entryway vehicle or minivan

•Seats and safety belts for at any rate 4 travelers and a driver

•Good condition with no restorative harm

•No business marking

Next, Uber has arrangements of explicit prerequisites for each help level. These necessities can differ extraordinarily relying upon the administration. Uber’s spending choice, UberX has the least rigid prerequisites and their extravagance administrations, for example, Uber Black or SUV have the hardest necessities. We have separated each assistance levels requirements beneath.


UberX is the most normally utilized assistance that Uber offers and it is additionally the least expensive. This rideshare administration is stooped for regular use and is the most famous choice for riders.

•4-entryway vehicle with freely opening traveler entryways

•Have 5 processing plant introduced seats and safety belts

•Working windows and cooling

•No vans, box trucks, or comparative vehicles

•No taxis, government vehicles, or other checked vehicles

•No rescued or modified vehicles

•No secondary selling seating adjustments, for example, introduced seats, safety belts, or BedRyder frameworks


UberXL is the administration intended for bigger gatherings or “for those occasions when you need more space”. For this administration you should claim either a SUV or Minivan that can accommodate up to 6 travelers. Uber XL rides will yield higher tolls than UberX rides however remember that on the off chance that you join to drive for XL you may in any case get UberX rides also.

•4-entryway vehicle with freely opening traveler entryways

•Have 7 processing plant introduced seats and safety belts

•Working windows and cooling

•No vans, box trucks, or comparable vehicles

•No taxis, government vehicles, or other stamped vehicles

•No rescued or reconstructed vehicles

•No reseller’s exchange seating alterations, for example, introduced seats, safety belts, or BedRyder frameworks


Mid-level extravagance cars that will yield you higher passages.Fun actuality, your vehicle must have a cowhide or vinyl inside!

•Model year 2008 or more up to date

•Leather or vinyl inside without any tears

•Seat at any rate 4 travelers notwithstanding the driver

•Working windows and cooling

•No full-sized vans or trucks

•No taxis, government vehicles, or other stamped vehicles

•No rescued or revamped vehicles

•4.75+ rating after 25 appraised trips


Uber’s unique Luxury choice. Vehicles are required to be a top of the line extravagance car or SUV, in dark. This administration accompanies high passages and your driving decorum is additionally expected to meet this degree of value. For more information you can visit cashcarsbuyer

•Model Year: Must be 2012 model year or more current

•Body Style*: Any with 4 full, autonomously opening entryways

•Seating: Must have seats AND safety belts for driver and 4 travelers

•Exterior: Black in shading

•Interior: Black cowhide (genuine or manufactured)

•Insurance: Commercial protection

•Identification: Minnesota limousine distinguishing proof card

•Registration: Photo of vehicle title or tags

•Must have a spotless title (no rescue or reconstructed titles)


Like Uber Black however for bigger gatherings. As with Uber Black, UberSUV yields the absolute most noteworthy tolls you will see with any Uber administration. Just dark SUVs qualify.

•Model year 2012 or more current

•Exterior: Black as it were

•Interior: Black Leather or Vegan Leather as it were

•Commercially Insured

•Seat at any rate 6 travelers notwithstanding the driver

•No Cosmetic harm or missing piece pieces


Just unblemished top of the line vehicles fit the bill to drive with UberLUX. In like manner, just financially authorized drivers are qualified to drive for UberLUX. UberLUX vehicles might be cars, hybrid SUVs, or full-sized SUVs.

•Model year of 2010 or more current

•Exteriors in astounding condition

•Leather or vinyl insides without any tears

•Seats for at any rate 4 riders notwithstanding the driver

•Maintain a 4.7 rating or higher

Uber for Deliveries

As a conveyance driver you won’t be driving travelers however rather will be working with Uber to convey food and merchandise around your city.

•Model Year: Must be 1997 or more up to date

•Body Style: Any 2-entryway or 4-entryway vehicles acknowledged

Ultimately, see the particular makes and models that Uber considers each assistance beneath. In the event that you don’t see your vehicle recorded yet accept your vehicle meets the entirety of the above standards contact Uber straightforwardly as they may make an exemption.

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