Hospitals in Sinaloa will be at 100% of their capacity due to coronavirus


JUNE 13, 2020

In Culiacan, hospital occupation is 52 percent in the total of public and private institutions, however, there are three institutions whose occupation is above 93 percent.

Sinaloa .- In the private sector, which includes four hospitals, including Hospital Angeles, Clinica Culiacan, Médica de la Ciudad, and Cemsi, they have an occupancy rate of 95 percent, which is why it is expected to be 100 percent today.

In the case of the ISSSTE this is at 94 percent of its capacity, unlike this the director, Alejandro Barraza explained that it has the capacity to expand the number of beds but this occurs once it has full capacity.

The hospital civil has a 93 percent occupancy in covid beds.

In the case of the port of Mazatlan, the Issste and the private sector maintain 100 percent occupancy.

In Ahome, the total occupancy is 87 percent, the Secretary of the Navy hospital has 100 percent of its beds for coronaviruses occupied, the ISSSTE 93 percent, and the IMSS 97 percent.

In the case of Guasave, he registered 84 percent of bed occupancy in social security and 24 percent in the General Hospital.

These are the municipalities with the highest number of cases and deaths due to covid-19, in the state the occupation is 51 percent and currently, 630 beds are occupied out of a total of 1,242 that have been enabled.


The Mazatlan Post