AMLO says phone call may need to replace planned meeting with Trump


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Wednesday, June 10th, he was still weighing up the possibility of a meeting with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump, but that the coronavirus pandemic meant they might have to talk by phone instead.

In April, Lopez Obrador said he was considering holding his first in-person encounter with Trump in June or July.

The fact is, that from the beginning of his administration AMLO has not wanted to travel abroad.

Much has been speculated about it, there are those who say that it may be due to the fact that he does not speak English, others maintain that the theory that he does not want to go on very long trips due to health reasons, since it must be remembered that about three years ago, López Obrador had heart problems that led to surgery and a few days in the hospital.

There are those who believe that the reason why the president refuses to travel abroad, it could be because AMLO fears that an attempt on his life could be carried out while on flight.

It should be noted that whenever he is traveling within Mexican national territory, he flies on commercial airlines.

Presidential plane

There is this hypothesis that claims that is why he never wanted to fly on the presidential plane, which, as we know, Lopez Obrador has used as a campaign issue that has allowed him to gain popularity among the populace with his comments about this aircraft, stating that it was an excess of luxury from his predecessors and that he would never fly on such a plane.

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