There is no saturation of ‘Covid’ beds in any municipality of Sinaloa, according to health minister


According to data provided by the Sinaloa Ministry of Health this Wednesday morning, only six of the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa report occupancy of beds assigned to patients with Covid-19 coronavirus (“Covid” beds).

Also, according to Health, no municipality reports saturation of the spaces assigned to these patients, considering all hospitals. The highest reports of occupation are shown by Ahome and Culiacán.

It should be noted that in recent days, various sources (official and unofficial) have indicated that there have been hospitals that have already been saturated with Covid patients.

According to the Health account, in Sinaloa there are 1,196 “Covid” beds in total, and today 577 were occupied, that is, 48.24 percent.

On the card sent by the Sinaloa Health Secretariat, the following is marked:

In Culiacán, there are a total of 485 “Covid” beds, and 266 are occupied, that is, 55 percent.

In Mazatlán, there are 235 beds, and 107, or 46 percent, are occupied.

In Ahome there are 141 beds, and 107, or 76 percent, are occupied.

In Guasave, there are 146 beds, and 62, or 42 percent, are occupied.

In Escuinapa, there are 80 beds, and 3, that is, 4 percent, are occupied.

In Salvador Alvarado, there are 64 beds, and 32 are occupied, that is, the right half, 50 percent.

The rest of the municipalities, 12, report zero occupancy of Covid beds, although there are indeed patients with coronavirus, which is understood to be in their homes.

  • The information sent by Salud Sinaloa.
  • Recount, as of yesterday Tuesday.


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