Mazatlan Golden Zone hotels are ready for reopening


However, there is uncertainty in not having an exact date, since the traffic light marks the red and the contagion rates of the Covid-19 are shot

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Hotels in the Golden Zone are ready for reopening, however, there is uncertainty among hoteliers as they do not know when the date will be, acknowledged Julio Birrueta, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies. from Mazatlán.

Golden Zone hotels are ready for reopening

“Since June 1, we are ready to open the lodging centers that the association has, which are approximately 50 hotels, but due to the color of the traffic light which measures the intensity of the endemic problem caused by Covid-19 and which unfortunately it marks in red, we have to wait until it changes and the corresponding authorities authorize the gradual opening, “he explained.

Julio Birrueta stressed that they have all the necessary prevention tools and work to improve them and put them into practice, both in the guidelines set by the federal and state authorities.

09 06 Hotels Hotelería Mazatlán Reopening of Hotels

The hotel representative pointed out that the association did not dismiss or liquidate personnel when they were instructed to partially close their doors, so they remain with the same number of collaborators, and according to how the hotel occupation develops, more personnel will be hired.

He commented that if the pandemic spreads further, the hotel industry will no longer have to pay salaries to employees that it sent to rest with this benefit, so if the month of July is reached, their collaborators’ wages would have to be withdrawn, which would further aggravate the economic situation.


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