Only for women! Learn about the requirements to enter the Mexican Navy


The Mexican Navy Secretariat lists the requirements for interested women to enter active duty

Mexico.-  The Secretary of the Navy offers the opportunity for Female Personnel to enter this Institution in Mexico City or in any Port of the Mexican Republic as an active member of the Mexican Navy, with the corresponding grade according to your academic level:

For this, it lists the requirements according to the degree by academic level, as well as the minimum age and documents that they must present.

What does Semar offer for women?

Law and Superior benefits (comprehensive medical service, savings fund, scholarships, military life insurance, mortgage loans, compensation services, military housing fund, retirement assets, 20 days of vacation, among others.).


  • Being Mexican by birth.
  • Minimum height: 1.55 mts.
  • BMI: from 18.5 to 24.9 [Body Mass Index = weight (Kg) / height2 (m)]
  • Pass the exams:
  • Doctor
  • Clinical
  • Psychometric Profile
  • Cover profile according to current directives for compliance with naval activities.
  • Not be a deserter or have belonged to any other Armed Force, Federal, State and / or Municipal Public Security, Justice and Public Security Institutions.
  • Have no criminal record.


  1. Curriculum vitae (without copies)
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Certificate of studies
  4. Unique Population Registry Key (CURP)
  5. Voter’s credential or receipt of replacement procedure
  6. Proof of address
  7. Non-criminal record letter of the town and state (except metropolitan area)
  8. Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT)
  9. Two recent child-sized color photographs.
  10. Submit full-body color photographs from the front and recent profile.
  11. 11. Have a valid Faithful Signature.

The personnel with secondary or baccalaureate must pass theoretical and practical exams.

Personnel with careers at the Professional Technical or Bachelor’s level that are not considered will be evaluated through the means of this Secretariat according to the current Catalog of Bodies and Services of the Mexican Navy.

Personnel with studies in Nursing Technician and Bachelor’s level, of the careers that are included in the Catalog of General Exams for Graduate and / or Technical (EGEL / EGEPT) of the National Center for Evaluation of Higher Education (CENEVAL) ) must present testimony from the Center.

Personnel presenting studies at the Master or Doctorate, Specialty or Subspecialty level will be evaluated at the level of the hierarchy requested through the means of evaluation of this Institution and in addition to their Ceneval testimony.

Personnel presenting undergraduate studies as Surgeon Physicians with Specialty or Subspecialty will be evaluated practically and curricularly before the related Medical Council of their postgraduate evaluation, belonging to the Secretariat.

For personnel who have belonged to this Institution, they may re-enter when they have not been separated from active service for more than four years from the date of communication of discharge from active service and must meet the conduct and other requirements for admission in accordance with the manuals and directives of the current recruitment process


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