Bus intercepted due to Puerto Vallarta woman breaking her covid-19 isolation and boards passenger bus to leave town


The Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection of the Government of Nayarit reported that an operation was carried out to intercept and stop a bus transport on federal highway 200, when a patient confirmed with COVID-19 was among its passengers.

According to the statement issued through the official Facebook account of the aforementioned agency, the data was obtained thanks to a citizen complaint, after which elements of the State Police, Municipal Police, and Civil Protection and state Firefighters mobilized and intercepted to the bus.

The arrest of the unit occurred at the height of the town of Las Varas, upon checking the unit, the uniformed officers noticed that in addition to an infected woman, there were 15 other passengers inside the bus, at high risk of becoming infected. The vehicle was heading towards the municipality of Compostela.

Therefore, both the people and the entire bus were disinfected, and the travelers were instructed to isolate themselves for 14 days, it is worth mentioning that the infected passenger escaped her isolation that had been imposed in Puerto Vallarta after giving positive to the COVID-19 test.

Law enforcement officers detained the 18-year-old woman, only to take her back and continue isolation at home, which she will have to do to avoid infecting other people.

It is worth mentioning that to date, contagions in Compostela add up to 32 confirmed, 4 of which have died, 20 are still active and 8 have recovered. In Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, the cases total 270, with 24 deceased, 70 active and 177 recovered.

Source: vallartaopinaenlinea.com

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