Sinaloa receives six tons of medical supplies for hospitals in Mazatlan and Culiacan


Supplies for hospitals in Culiacán and Mazatlán arrived in a Spartan Air Force plane

The Federal Government sent medical supplies to Sinaloa through Sedena, there are 6 tons of medical equipment such as monitors for respirators, medical supplies, alcohol, and antibacterial gel.

In a Spartan Air Force plane, they arrived at Military Air Base No. 10 at around 2:00 p.m. These supplies will be distributed between the INSABI Covid-19 No. 6 Hospital in Culiacán and the Regional Military Specialty Hospital in Mazatlán.

It is expected that this medical equipment will cover part of the needs of these important state hospitals, this during the highest peak of Covidº-19 infections.

Last week the INSABI Covid-19 No. 6 Hospital began operations in Culiacán, and with the arrival of these supplies it is expected that the response capacity of the health sector will increase in the face of high hospital occupancy due to the pandemic.

In Mazatlán, it is expected that this week it will reach its highest peak of infections as the trend indicates that the epicenter of the pandemic is moving towards the port.


The Mazatlan Post