Cancun: lawsuit between agencies and airport for collection of rents


Travel agencies are fighting a dispute with Cáncun International Airport that continues to charge them for renting customer service modules that have been closed since April 1 due to the pandemic, according to REPORTUR, the executive president of the Mexican Association. of Travel Agencies (AMAV) Quintana Roo, Sergio González.

“We are in the middle of a lawsuit with Asur (South East Airports) because they have continued to collect the rents for the modules that we occupy in terminals 2, 3, and 4 of the Cancun airport that are closed from the first day of April,” he explains. González.

The Cancun airport, which has seen its operations decrease to historical levels due to the Covid-19 crisis, continues to collect the rents “that are in dollars” from the agencies and “the interests that are high continue to run,” explains González.

From AMAV, for their part, they have sent several letters to Asur informing them of their situation and asking for a remission of income. “We have not told them to stop paying but simply to forgive the rent for April and May and eventually June for two months, and then return to normal in July, although we will not be in normal conditions, but an effort will be made.”

The aerodrome’s response to these communications has been nil, says González, explaining that “there is zero communication, however they do send individual collection letters to the agencies.” Likewise, the president of the union ensures that they have reached an agreement with their associates not to pay the rents. “We are not paid, the agreement we have made at the association level is not to pay and we will not pay to see what happens,” he says.

From AMAV they regret the lack of solidarity of Asur with the sector, as has published, while other subsectors have supported the industry ( Cancun: agencies call the airport unsupportive ). “It is very sad because in general, the industry has shown solidarity among itself, that is to say, there have been very good agreements, remission of rents, shopping malls are not charging, there has been a lot of solidarity among ourselves, with the exception of Asur” concludes.


The Mazatlan Post