UNAM Coronavirus Commission says pandemic is on the rise in Mexico


The Ministry of Health (SSA) reported this Saturday, May 30, that the accumulated COVID-19 infections are 87,512. Furthermore, since the beginning of the epidemic, Mexico has suffered 9,779 fatalities.

There are 16,486 active confirmed cases in the country, which represent the active epidemic in the country. There are 144,486 negative cases, 38,994 suspects, and a total of 270,992 people studied.

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, reported that today’s evening conference is number 92, and that 69 days have passed since the National Day of Healthy Distance was declared by the federal government.

Hugo López-Gatell

On the international level, confirmed and active cases (from May 17 to 30) by region of the World Health Organization are concentrated in America: 767,807 cases or 55.2 percent. Europe registers 273,946 cases or 19.7 percent. The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is 5,817,385, but those confirmed in the last 14 days are 1,391,731 or 24 percent. The global case-fatality rate is 6.2 percent.

The majority of registered cases in Mexico are concentrated in Mexico City with 24,265, the State of Mexico with 14,334, and Baja California with 5,027. The minority is in Durango with 365, Zacatecas with 284, and Colima with 141.

In the distribution of the active epidemic, from May 17 to 30 the confirmed cases in Mexico City are 4,018, the State of Mexico with 1,973, and Tabasco with 770. The three entities with the lowest number are Baja California Sur with 89, Zacatecas with 63, and Colima with 40.

The three entities with the highest cumulative death record are Mexico City, the State of Mexico, and Baja California. On the contrary, Baja California Sur, Zacatecas, and Colima, are the three with the lowest record.

The epidemic curve in the country as of May 30 maintains an upward trend when confirmed cases are combined with suspected cases. The cumulative burden reports that there are 2,885 new confirmed cases in 24 hours: an increase of 3.4% the previous day.

For specialists consulted by El Universal, lifting the confinement is premature. According to Alejandro Macías, a member of the commission of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to treat the coronavirus, he assured that Mexico would have to spend at least 15 days with a decrease in infections to lift the quarantine.

“In no way have we finished with the first wave (of contagion) in fact we have not even reached the plateau. According to daily technical reports, there is no evidence that the number of infections is already decreasing. What we have seen is that the pandemic is on the rise and it should be at least two weeks without these increases to speak with confidence,” said the specialist.

Although he considered that it is good for the government to implement a traffic light to know which entities can resume activities and which cannot, the researcher assured that since there is no stable epidemic in the country, it is difficult to draw a projection.

“It seems to me that right now we cannot put an agenda on the virus … the pandemic is not yet going to make those kinds of plans,” he said.

COVID-19 cases reported by the Government in Mexico are cases only within the public healthcare system, private hospitals and private laboratories confirming COVID-19 cases within their systems are not included in the daily report issued by the federal government.

Source: PVDN

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