The protesters will gather at the API (in front of WalMart) next Saturday at 5:00 PM, demanding a return to “Mexican normality”, that is, supporting “the traditional norms of coexistence in our country,” say those who assume as organizers

On Saturday, May 30, at 5:00 p.m., the citizens of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas are invited to participate in the Freedom Caravan, to express citizen support for the unrestricted opening of the economy, commerce, industry and school activity.

The “Freedom Caravan” will focus on the API (in front of WalMart), carrying Mexican flags, demanding the return to “Mexican normality”, that is, supporting the traditional rules of coexistence in our country.

They denounce that the Covid-19 crisis, according to the organizers and organizers, is a media-pseudoscientific fraud that endangers life on the planet.

According to a document they call a statement, and sent to some media, “the rules of the ‘new normal’ are very questionable, promoted by anonymous groups outside our country, which seek to impose measures of” social distancing ” which have no scientific basis, such as the compulsory use of face masks, isolation in public places, etc. These will seriously harm the psychology of children and adults, and will create fatal obstacles to normal interaction and social coexistence. In addition, they will impose additional costs on the activity of companies, schools and shops, rendering thousands of companies and institutions unviable “.

They call in the call to all citizens who do not share these impositions and speak in favor of the freedoms expressed in the Magna Carta and the forms of coexistence that are part of the cultural heritage of Mexico.

The march-demonstration-caravan that they intend to do: 

– For the unrestricted opening of all social, economic, cultural and educational activities.

– For a health system based on trust, love, mutual care and the free choice of the sick.

– For supporting the authorities at all levels that refuse to apply force against the population.

– For the revocation of the mandate to all the rulers who suspend constitutional guarantees and liberties in the name of a false medical dogma.

This call has been spontaneously formed on social networks and brings together citizens, merchants, businessmen, academics, therapists and professionals at all levels.


Our media, in compliance with internal regulations, does not normally echo anonymous information. But after a debate at the Editorial Board, it was decided to publish it for the following reasons:

  • There is a major censorship operation on many digital platforms against currents of opinion contrary to the panic unleashed around the Covid-19. This is unacceptable from the point of view of free journalism, and we must try to balance the information that citizens receive. That is the reason for the recently created section: «The other side of the Covid».
  • The press release does not attack or attack any authority, nor does it call for any disturbance of public order. It is simply a call for citizen expression.
  • Other older media in Puerto Vallarta, with a reputable track record , have echoed the statement.
  • The expressions on networks indicate that behind the initiative there are many flesh and blood citizens who want to express their opinions. The media have an ethical duty to facilitate the free expression of citizenship, especially in historical moments in which there is evident pressure on the media to present a single version of reality.

Source: aznoticias.mx, diariodevallarta.com

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