Bus drivers warned they will be arrested if they board more than 23 passengers


Juan Carlos Portillo, secretary of the autonomous drivers’ union, complained that this measure, which he says, affects drivers and users alike

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Culiacán urban transport drivers clashed against the new provision of the Ministry of Health, which prohibits loading more than 23 passengers onto the bus, otherwise, the motor unit will be removed and they will be held in the separate areas of the Municipal Police.

Juan Carlos Portillo, secretary of the Autonomous Union and Related Public Service Drivers of the Municipality of Culiacán, complained that this measure affects drivers and users, the former, because they will have fewer earnings since they work by commission, and the seconds, because they will spend more time waiting for the service to get to work and to return home.

He expressed that they are in agreement with the sanitary measures to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from spreading but not affecting the income of the members.

“That the Ministry of Health was the one who made this determination, and the sanction is that the bus is detained and goes to the impound yard, and the driver is cited and sent to the Municipal Police station

Juan Carlos Portillo said that another problem is that the authorities of Health and the Directorate of Roads and Transportation did not inform the population of this strict measure, which will provoke the anger of drivers and passengers as of this Friday.

It should be remembered that on May 11, members of this union demonstrated in the government palace to request that they support them by delivering food baskets for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency that has left them without work.

Juan Carlos Portillo, leader of the organization, recalled that they have gone three times with officials and have shown no interest in attending to the serious work, health and family situation they face with this pandemic.

There, he criticized that since the pandemic began, they have only been given 100 food baskets to distribute among 400 members.

Finally, he thanked the support of the citizens who have generously brought various foods to the collection center that they installed in Álvaro Obregón and Francisco I Madero, in the center of the city.

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