The six things you have to take home when you visit Mazatlan


When you visit Mazatlán and you go back to your city you always want to take a piece of this land so as not to miss it so much, or else if you live in Mazatlán and go on vacation you want to bring to your family and friends some delicacies of Mazatlan cuisine. Because some of the best food in the world is prepared here, and we are not showing off, it’s just the plain truth.

Arriba Mazatlán!

Here we leave you a list so that nothing is missing in your luggage … Have a good trip!

1.- Smoked marlin

This is one of the favorite local gastronomic delicacies, due to its shape and consistency it is not necessary a special packaging to be able to store it into your suitcase, but we suggest that you wrap it in vita film plastic so it does not smell.

Smoked marlin is too delicious

2.- Dried shrimp

You find it in all the markets of Mazatlán and it does not need special packaging because being dry, it does not decompose, so you can keep it in the same bag where they sell it to you, and just make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight.

From Mazatlán to the world enjoy this delight

3.- Cocadas

This is one of the most typical appetizers in Mazatlán and its delicious flavor conquers anyone, you can buy them in the markets of the city at a low cost and in different colors.

Delicious cocadas

4.- Coricos

These corn cookies that are prepared in the oven are perfect to dunk in your coffee. It is one of the delicacies that you have to try when you come to Mazatlan, you can find them easily in the markets of the city or in places where juice and smoothies are sold.

The coricos can not miss in your suitcase

5.- Los Suaves

One of Mazatlán’s most traditional sweets is the “Suaves”, a coconut marshmallow with a delicious flavor that makes you want to eat a whole bag. Its history dates back to 1950, so 70 years of tradition back this delicious marshmallow.

70 years of history support this delight

6.- Souvenirs

Something that can never be missing in your suitcase are souvenirs from good old Mazatlán. You find a great variety of them at a low cost in the Pino Suárez market downtown, and be sure to purchase as many as possible so that you give some away to your friends back home.


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