Mazatlan is going to stand out, it is going to be a magnet, and now is the time to invest


The renowned Sinaloan businessman indicated that if at this time there is no money, make the effort and make sacrifices to invest in the port since a great future awaits you despite the contingency

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- First, you have to accept the great economic loss that all businesses and companies without distinction are living in the world, later you have to stop lamenting and get to work without neglecting the good service that must be offered in a tourist destination, advised Ernesto Coppel Kelly, a recognized businessman in the tourism industry in the country, and who is of Sinaloan origin.

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Ernesto Coppel Kelly

He assured that Mazatlan will return to normal as soon as it has a vaccine and that, in addition, a great future awaits the port for investments that can attract the much-desired foreign market; However, it is important that the hotel sector and private initiative come together to obtain a higher quality of investments in lodging centers.

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Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan

“Then it is a matter of which the “rucos” older generation like me take care of themselves and the young people get to work with the necessary measures: masks, gloves and what disinfects. For example, the Central Park and the stadiums are going to put Mazatlán in another category, the Aquarium is going to be a magnet and Mazatlán is going to be highlighted. Investments are going to come from another side and it is time for those who have money in Mazatlán to invest it ”.

For this reason, Coppel Kelly was emphatic on the need for the port to start building hotels of a high purchasing level, with large rooms, fine decoration, high quality, and service, because with his experience with foreign tourism, he knows that they are the hotels that bring the arrival of these travelers.

“Be optimistic, be ready for when all of this comes back. But if they do not build quality, it is impossible for them to obtain resources to grow and make their amazement greater. What are you waiting to invest in Mazatlán? Who else does it? Take out the money, take a risk, take a risk! Only the one who risks wins! ”

Likewise, the businessman who currently resides in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, recognized that in order to be successful, the entrepreneur has to sacrifice himself by saving; and for this, he urged that they do not make purchases that are not necessary during this contingency other than for food; But if you have money, take advantage and buy properties that you can find cheaper in the Mazatlan.


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