Entrepreneurs develop antibacterial gel based on Mezcal in Oaxaca


For all evil, mezcal; for all good, mezcal too … and if there is no remedy: liter and a half “, says the famous local saying, but a group of young entrepreneurs found that the raw material of the ancient drink serves as the basis for the preparation of antibacterial gel and donate it to the health institutions in Oaxaca.

The sanitizing solution was dubbed “Take Out Poison,” said Erick Heras, founder of the Mezcal Colores de Oaxaca, promoter of this civil initiative in times of the global pandemic.

The entrepreneurs, together with their counterparts from Mezcal Mala Idea, have donated more than 5,000 units of antibacterial gel to health centers, first contact, in the states of Oaxaca and Puebla.

“The product is supervised by a chemical engineer and the packaging is in charge of the collaborators of Mezcal Colores de Oaxaca and Mezcal Mala Idea, concerned about fair trade. The recipients of the maguey alcohol-based producer are health personnel who are at the first level of care for the open population, emergency medical centers such as the Mexican Red Cross, and institutions in the health sector, ”he explained.

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“We know that the Federal and State governments have provided inputs to health workers, however, there is not enough budget or supplies to reach at the level of the pandemic,” stressed Erick.

The gel is made with the tips of the maguey, which is the first part of the mezcal distillation and cannot be drunk due to the high level of methanol, so instead of throwing it out as it is commonly done, they use it to make the antibacterial solution.

Source: palcoquintanarroense.com.mx, excelsior.com.mx

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