Mazatlan Hospitality Starts with Strong Liquidity Problems


* Warns of a “price war”

* Bet on regional tourism

The Mazatlán hotel industry begins with a strong liquidity problem, without income, with a “price war” between national destinations, said José Ramón Manguart, president of the Tres Islas Hotel and Motel Association, noting that the immediate strength of the Tourism in Mazatlán will be promoting in places that are five hours away by car from the city and port, that is to say, betting in the first instance on regional tourism and reactivating this part of the economy.

In the interview, the young businessman acknowledged that there is no specific date to open the Mazatlan hotel, although he clarified that at the stroke of noon they would have a virtual meeting on the Internet, with the Secretary of Tourism, Oscar Pérez Escobosa, to know the date of reopening. Because the “quarantine” had been extended until May 30 and it was presumed that they would be opening the doors of the hotels on June 1.

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At the express question of the reporter, Manguart stated that he does not have information if any of the hotels, members of the association he presides, are going to fail or not open, “what I do know is that we have a severe problem of lack of liquidity and the very expensive credit alternatives above 10 percent and are not in accordance with the needs of the sector; In this way, the assets of the companies cannot be compromised, although perhaps some have already requested loans. What we have asked for as support is to defer tax payments, because the hotels are operating without income and their presence and future as a company are compromised. ”

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José Ramón Manguart said he envisions a difficult restart because all the hotels are going to compete for tourism in the national market; There will be a “price war” and the fact that some entities will have their economy sooner than others, puts us at a disadvantage, for example, thinking of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, because they are with a green light and we in Sinaloa are still in red.

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Finally, the general manager of the Tres Islas Hotel indicated that the “call is to close ranks within the tourist activity for Mazatlán; Today more than ever, the sector must be united and give priority to the issue of health, and to the extent that we join efforts in the same direction, we are going to get ahead. ”


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