Los Cabos nautical workers plan to demonstrate on June 1st (Video)


A desperate call for the revival of maritime activities

Cabo San Lucas, BCS- Providers of Services dedicated to nautical tourism, expressed their despair at the lack of jobs and economic income, so they have decided to demonstrate in a nautical way this June 1st to ask for the reactivation of operations in the port area.

In a WhatsApp group, some of the owners of some existing boats in the Marina docks asked the authorities of the Captaincy of the Port to reactivate the operation so that up to 400 sport fishermen and more than 250 boats dedicated to tours in the bay can to work.

They urged the entire maritime community to demonstrate this June 1st to make the authority aware of the importance of opening port operations and thus generate income and provide sustenance for their families.

One of the messages posted on WhatsApp indicates “I propose that on June 1 we will undo our boats and take a tour of the bay as a sign that we already want an open port for sport fishing.”

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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