No damages reported in Mazatlan due to a 4.2 earthquake


The Coordinator of Civil Protection of Mazatlán, indicated that according to the National Seismological System, the epicenter was on the sea

Mazatlán Sinaloa .- The Civil Protection Coordinator of Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum confirmed that this Thursday, at approximately 11.00 local time, an earthquake of 4.2 degrees was registered 182 kilometers southwest of the city ​​of Mazatlán.

He indicated that according to the National Seismological System, the epicenter was over the sea, at a depth of 16 kilometers, without any affectation having been reported so far in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa.

In the southern region of the state we have no reports or any affectation that has arisen, but that implies that the review procedures of all properties considered high risk or risk in the municipality of Mazatlán are followed, explained Eloy Ruiz

Among them historical buildings, strategic facilities, and more at this time the strategic facilities are all the hospital centers, the facilities where fuels are stored such as the Pemex maritime terminal, the Pemex storage plant in the Esperanza neighborhood, and especially the José Aceves Pozos thermoelectric plant. We do not have any report of affectation, we do not have any other indication or problem in the region, the official reported.


The Mazatlan Post