Seven-hour battle for 900-pound black marlin caught off Barra de Navidad


During COVID-19 quarantine sport fishing is allowed only for self-consumption, fisherman Osiel ‘Guliño’ Arteaga catches black marlin in a seven-hour fight

Unusual hubbub caused in Barra de Navidad (Jalisco) the capture of a true ‘colossus of the seas’ – a black marlin of approximately 900 pounds (385 kilograms) –  amid the confinement that only allows sport fishing for self-consumption.

Under these special circumstances, Osiel Arteaga Aguilar, an iron fisherman from Barra de Navidad , undertook navigation aboard his boat, from where he caught and vigorously dealt with the enormous  palm weevil with the scientific name Istiompax indica. It took seven hectic hours to complete the task, according to available data.

The catch – one of the most important so far this year on the Jalisco coastlines – was recorded last night ‘just six nautical miles from Morro del Vigía, in front of Barra de Navidad’ amid the hustle and bustle between locals and fishermen.

Barra de Navidad is ‘border’ with Manzanillo, in Colima, exactly only 24 nautical miles. Both destinations enjoy not only benevolence in their marine species, but also certified tournaments with magnificent bags.

Photos courtesy Vidal Dávalos Laurel.

Last December, also in Barra de Navidad, a large marlin caught the eyes of not only sport fishermen. That time it was a blue marlin (Makaira mazara) of 302 kilograms (665.79 pounds) a few days after the end of the – in-itself brilliant – 2019 season and the promising 2020 began.

Under the helm of Gerardo Kosonoy, better known as Gerry Kosonoy, the American fishermen found the exact spot where the huge palm weevil was located and caught him in perfect teamwork. Her catch was quite an event.

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