Local Congress rejects the use of the “Puro Sinaloa” logo on school packages


Sinaloa representatives disapproved of the use of the “Puro Sinaloa” logo, which would be embroidered on school packages delivered this year.

Culiacán, Sinaloa (May 19, 2020).- Members of the education commission in the State Congress disapproved the use of the “Puro Sinaloa” logo on school packages that will be delivered this year.

After the prototype of sports shoes that will be included this school year as support for preschool students was announced, the president of the commission, Flor Emilia Guerra Mena, disqualified the incorporation of the aforementioned logo, and she sent a letter to Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel requesting to delete the logo.

She explained it is still unknown if the school uniforms, supplies, and backpacks would include the logo as well, but this would be unacceptable due to the fact that this was a phrase used by the governor when he was on a political campaign.

On the other hand, she said that according to the law, the only image that the school packages must-have is the engraving of the state of Sinaloa.

Besides, Guerra Mena stated that including the “Puro Sinaloa” logo on each item generates an extra expense of 5 pesos per uniform, which is why there were already disagreements on the part of the textile companies and a decision that was not taken in “democratic” way.

Source: Debate

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