Its Official Alcohol Ban is Lifted in Sinaloa, but with a warning


The announcement was made by Governor Quirino Ordaz through social networks

Se levanta Ley Seca | Revista Espejo

The governor warned the population to comply with a behavioral commitment to keep your distance and not to relax prevention measures

Sinaloa. – After a few weeks that the Dry Law was enacted in Sinaloa as a measure to prevent the increase in the spread of the coronavirus, the Governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, reported that this measure will be suspended as of May 19.

We have made the determination to allow the sale of beer, in stores, in supermarkets, as well as liquor and alcoholic beverages, starting Tuesday. 

Quirino Ordaz Coppel

The state Governor urged the population to comply with a behavioral commitment not to relax prevention and protection measures by removing the Dry Law.

” This does not imply that we have to throw, to relax, it is a matter of care, of responsibility,” stressed the Governor, reaffirming that he has faith in the population that the care measures will be followed.

It should be noted that on April 13, the state Governor ordered the application of the Dry Law, which on repeated occasions produced false news that ensured the elimination of this measure.

El día en que la ley seca fue inconstitucional

In addition, the illegal sale of alcohol by different citizens that was promoted on personal accounts or personal telephones was denounced on social networks and that finally few were detected by the authority.

If prevention measures are not followed, Ley Seca may return

It is recognized that the sale of alcoholic beverages increases mobility on the streets.

The Health Secretary, Efrén Encinas Torres, expressed that, with the lifting of the Dry Law in the state, in case the citizens do not comply with the prevention and mitigation measures and there is a greater risk mobilization in the municipalities will reverse the strategy.

The social behavior of the population will depend on them so that the measures are properly observed and applied, all measures of healthy distance must be carried out, avoiding crowds. 

Efrén Encinas Torres

Encinas Torres, indicated that the establishments with sales of alcoholic beverages will continue to be monitored, where those who do not comply will apply the regulations and their closure.

Cien años con la Ley Seca | Hoy

The Secretary of Health acknowledged that the sale of alcoholic beverages implies a risk for an increase in coronavirus infections, as it is a possibility of greater mobility in cities


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