COVID parties in Mexico to purposely get infected with coronavirus spreading


WHO warns of danger about parties they organize to get infected with coronavirus

They argue that in Sweden they ended the virus thanks to the massive contagion

In Mexico, audios of a suspected clandestine party called ” COVID parties ” or ” mass meetings ” have been viralized where the community is invited to attend the party with people infected with coronavirus for everyone to get the virus and thus, create immunity to it.

The argument is that by getting infected, people create immunity to the virus, they have even pointed out that they are the words of the World Health Organization (WHO). At the party, there will be not only people who have tested positive for the virus, but also alcohol, DJ, and the entrance costs 1,500 pesos.

Given this situation that has become viral, the WHO indicates that trying to acquire herd immunity without establishing distancing measures is dangerous and that governments around the world should be careful when using these concepts, both due to the uncertainty surrounding immunity to Viruses at the moment, such as the misinterpretations that can occur in people who begin to believe that massive infections are the best way to get out of the pandemic.

Another argument is that in Sweden they ended the virus thanks to the fact that no quarantine was ordered, nor were security measures taken in other countries, considering that avoiding infections would not work.

So the Swedish embassy spoke about the matter on his official Twitter account:

So now you know: don’t go to these parties. The fact that you catch it does not assure you immunity even that you have a chance to survive.

Organizan una fiesta en plena reclusión y los cazan


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