People line up in El Fuerte Sinaloa to buy clandestine beer


At the Barotén baseball stadium, dozens of people gather to buy beer clandestinely

Sinaloa.- The ban on the sale of intoxicating beverages determined by the state government on April 12 has generated as a direct consequence that some people profit from clandestine sales, of course, at prices much higher than normal to compensate the risk.

Already in some state police operations, they have confiscated products in clandestine stores, but these continue to operate without the authorities being able to eradicate them.

And sometimes the demand is so great, that the location of the clandestine stores is more than evident, as happened this Sunday in the municipality of El Fuerte.

In the baseball stadium of Barotén, which is located across the ford of the river, from the road that communicates El Fuerte with Los Mochis, dozens of parked vehicles could be observed, and more in the background, the agglomeration of people lining up.

They were not trying to enter a meeting of the king of sports, because the leagues are suspended due to the health emergency, they were waiting for their turn to buy beer at a premium.


The Mazatlan Post