Coronavirus in Mexico May 12: latest news, cases, and deaths


Mexico has more than 38 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19 as it approaches the second part of the epidemic curve according to the Secretary of Health.

The Coronavirus pandemic in Mexico seems to be close to reaching the peak of infections of the epidemic curve that the Ministry of Health forecast for a few weeks. At the moment, there are 38 thousand 324 cases of contagions confirmed by laboratory tests, of which 8 thousand 817 are still active and there are 22 thousand 980 suspects. On the other hand, the case fatality rate remains close to 10% after a total of 3,926 COVID-19 deaths throughout the national territory.

38 thousand 324 accumulated infections and 3 thousand 926 deaths from Coronavirus

According to the national outlook report against COVID-19 offered by the Ministry of Health, the most recent record is 38,324 confirmed infections throughout the country. This was what was reported on Tuesday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the National Palace. In the graph shown, an increase of 5.5% in the total epidemic curve can be seen. If the trend continues downward, we may be talking about reaching the peak of contagion to enter the deceleration phase.

In the case of deaths, we have a total of 3,926.  In the last two weeks, all the increases have been practically 100 deaths up and have remained constant. Additionally, there are more than 200 deaths that remain suspicious, so the statistic is likely to keep up. On the other hand, Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that 56% of those who require intubation for SARS-CoV-2 end up losing their lives.

Coronavirus cases by state

Federal entityAccumulatedDeathsAssets
Mexico City105299372170
Mexico state65403781176
Baja California2576443341
Quintana Roo1144211177
New Lion68736247
Baja California Sur4012447
San Luis Potosi30814143

Four entities are about to enter the deceleration phase

One of the good news that the health authorities pointed out during their last press conference was that four of the main areas with the highest number of infections throughout the country are about to enter a phase of deceleration. Villahermosa, Cancun, Baja California and Sinaloa have decreased their rate of positive cases in recent years. Similarly, the projection is for Mexico City to begin its respective process on approximately May 20 according to mathematical models.

Map of Coronavirus in Mexico by states

Here you can see the interactive map by states offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here .

Coronavirus map in Mexico by municipalities

Here you can see the interactive map by municipalities offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here .

Center of the country, Pacific and Southeast, the areas with the highest alarm

As for confirmed infections, the central area of ​​the country is the one that most adds up to Mexico City (10 thousand 529), the State of Mexico (6 thousand 540), Morelos (874), and Puebla (thousand 172). These four states are the ones that have had the most total infections so far and also active cases.

However, it is normal for these areas to have these figures for their population number. In cases such as Baja California and Sinaloa, they stand out for their contagion rate, since, even without large cities, they are at the top of the cases accumulated in our country.

For its part, the case fatality rate is one of the largest in the southeast part of the country. Tabasco (242) and Quintana Roo (211) are some of those who have reported the most reported so far, despite not having so many infections.


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