Concordia, Sinaloa a land of skilled craftsmen


Potters, carpenters, weavers, painters have made the town of Concordia famous for its creations, which are sold at modest prices at the entrance of the Mazatlan municipality.

Concordia, Sinaloa.- A popular poet from the region said that Concordia is so beautiful that it could only have been created by the hands of expert craftsmen.

Concordia, Sinaloa is located 46 kilometers (28 miles) east of Mazatlan.

Concordia, Sinaloa (Photo: Debate)

Perhaps that is why so many artisan talents abound in that shred of Sinaloan land, because a great piece of work requires a lot of effort.

Concordia, Sinaloa (Photo: Debate)

Malpica, Mesillas, Copala, are the three names in a long list of rural communities that have also created a school in the different artisan trades.

Source: Debate

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