Ex-official of Queretaro arrested for 12 hours for refusing to wear a facemask


QUERÉTARO, Qro. – The ex-secretary of Delegation Management of the municipal government, Carlos Silva Reséndiz, was arrested for “disobedience on public roads”, after a police officer asked him to use the mouth cover, but he refused to do so.

“In the end the judge makes a determination saying that due to my disobedience I stopped the traffic on Avenida Constituyentes, that with that disobedience I was disregarding the indications that the authority established, derived from the agreement that the health authorities made,” explained the detainee.

Using the mouthpiece is an extraordinary measure that the government of the state of Querétaro, led by the PAN, Francisco Domínguez Servién, determined as essential in essential transfers.

“People who make essential movements must wear mouth covers”, read an agreement published on May 2 in the newspaper La Sombra de Arteaga.

According to a video that Carlos Silva Reséndiz himself circulated, at a checkpoint the police ordered him to stop and told him that he must wear his face mask while driving.

The former official questioned the agent and asked him to say where that was stipulated. “If I tell him, I am going to arrest him,” the police officer threatened, and warned him: “there is a warning.”

After discussing whether the governor of Querétaro had the power to order the measure, they asked the former official to step aside and made him see that he was driving and using the cell phone at the same time, implying a lack of traffic.

“I activated the phone to record you, not because I came talking to him,” Silva Reséndiz acknowledged, as he moved forward in his vehicle, and continued to record the officers through the car mirror.

Carlos Silva reported that after turning off the phone they asked for his license and the vehicle papers, and his car ended up in the corralón.

Subsequently, he stressed, he was handcuffed, beaten, and transferred to the municipal court, where he indicated complicity between the Police officer and the staff of the Court.

“They gave me the option of three penalties: 40 UMAS, which were around 3,500 pesos; 12 hours (arrest); Or, the judge was very benevolent, she told me: ‘We can let him leave at 9 at night if he washes all the bathrooms.’ ”

Silva Reséndiz explained that he had no money, he did not accept his friends to pay and he accused the municipal government of the PAN member Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero of stealing money in the purchase of pantries.

“I cannot afford to pay a fine to a government that steals money by paying pantries that cost 150 to 200 pesos and that is buying them at 400 pesos,” he said.

He continued: “Today’s situation allows me to perfectly illustrate the series of violations that exist at all times, from the moment of arrest, when I am not informed of the offense I am committing, what is the sanction.”

Likewise, he criticized some of the measures announced by Francisco Domínguez Servién, who described them as repressive acts.

“The part I don’t agree with is the use of poorly made, steamed legislation, devised in the mind and on the desk of a police officer, and which is being taken to the streets in a repressive manner” he released.

On social networks, the private secretary of the Secretariat of Government of the state of Querétaro, Carlos Alberto Alcaraz Gutiérrez, shared a video recorded by the police who proceeded against the former official, and wrote: “The integrity of officer Corona is very, very much for on top of the pettiness of a poor tweeter ”.

And he alleged that there are other times to make a grid.

The municipal government secretary, Apolinar Casillas, confirmed Silva Reséndiz’s arrest on Wednesday the 6th, and his subsequent release after 12 hours of arrest.

Source: proceso.com.mx, diariodequeretaro.com.mx

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