Tijuana citizens accuse Americans of crossing into Baja infected


From the first cases of Covid-19 occurred in San Diego, restrictions began on the border with Tijuana, until eventually an agreement was reached in which no tourist was allowed to cross into the United States.

However, there are no restrictions on the Tijuana side, and Americans can continue crossing as if nothing were happening, even claiming that there are no sanitary filters.

According to information from Cadena Noticias, there are people from Tijuana who accuse Americans of infecting them because they cross the border having symptoms and end up infecting many people.

In a brief telephone interview with Victoriano, he told CADENA NOTICIAS that “emigrants do what they want with us.”

He added: “Yes, pinche foreigners only because they earn dollars, they believe they can do what they want here. If I didn’t like them before, now they come and infect everyone”.

Victoriano has been in his quarantine for six days positive for coronavirus and via telephone maintained that he wants to get out of this.

“Of course I am exhausted by what happened to me and it gives me angry because infected people keep crossing from San Diego to Tijuana, and we have no power to prevent them from passing.”

Victoriano does not know if the health authorities in Baja California have installed sanitary modules at the San Ysidro-Tijuana crossing to check on those who enter our city, “from what I see they have not and if they did, there not doing a good job and I am one of the victims because they infected me with the coronavirus and just like me, there must be many ”.

He concluded: “They (foreigners) do what they want with us.”

Every day there are thousands of people who cross to continue working in the United States and many of them do not take the necessary precautions, the closure of the border and restrictions when crossing was a fundamental part of flattening the contagion curve in Tijuana and so far it has not been achieved.

If you are a resident of the United States and live in Tijuana and you are not working there, avoid crossing the border and do not leave your home either, as many Americans continue to cross Tijuana without going through sanitary filters.

Source: tjnoticias.info, cadenanoticias.com

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